A View of the Course

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The Start

2016 Indy Women's Half Marathan Starting Line

Monument Circle, Downtown Indianapolis

The Finish

2016 Indy Women's Half Marathon Finish Line

Meridian & Vermont Street

Post Race Celebration

University Park on the south side of the Indiana War Memorial; just three blocks north of Monument Circle.

Start Area Half 5K
First Aid Tent 1 1
Pacing Location Signs 6 N/A
Portable Toilets 20 20
Ask Me (Information) 2 2
Clothing Check 2 2
Course Half 5K
Water Station Locations 9 1
Powerade Locations 9 1
Medical Tent Locations 3 0
Medical Personnel on Bicycles 10+ 2
Portable Toilet Locations 12 1
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officers 91
Number of Traffic Cones 1,700
Number of Course Volunteers 300+
  • For your safety, we will be using the weather flag system for this event. We will monitor the temperature, amount of sunlight and the humidity by using the wet bulb guidelines.
  • Green Flag = low risk. Red Flag = high risk. Black flag = extreme risk. The risk flags will be displayed at the start line, all mile marks and at the finish line.
  • If the Green Flag is displayed: Go, Go, Go
  • If the Red Flag is displayed: you should be aware that heat illness is possible. Slow down and take your time.
  • If the Black Flag is displayed, runners should slow to a walk and walkers should walk very slowly. Stop, rest, seek shade.

    NOTE: If the Black Flag comes out, all split timers and mile markers will be removed. Timing and scoring will be closed. Medical people, volunteers, water stops, IMPD officers, pick-up vehicles, etc will remain on the course.