Husbands, boyfriends, family and friends have an opportunity to show support, cheer on and encourage the woman or women in your life.

Being a spectator is a great way to be part of the Indy Women’s Half-Marathon and 5K.  As a spectator, you will add great excitement to the race course and give all the athletes the incentive to reach the finish line and celebrate their accomplishment.

Things to remember

It is very hard to drive along the course – not only is the course traffic free, but many of the side streets will be closed or vehicular traffic diverted.

No unauthorized vehicles or bicycles will be allowed on the course.

The 5K event starts at 7:30am with the first finishers at the finish line at approximately 8:00am.

The half-marathon starts at 7:30am with the first finisher estimated to around 8:45am.

Suggested Viewing Areas

This information will be coming soon.

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